Six 10oz Boneless Premium Beef Ribeye Steaks


10 oz Boneless Premium Beef Ribeye Steaks

Carefully trimmed from the “Heart of the Rib”, Calvetti Meats expertly aged, Boneless Ribeye Premium Steaks are among the most tender and juicy of all cuts.


Product Description

Boneless Ribeye steaks are known for their juiciness from the marbling throughout the meat. Hand trimmed and then expertly aged for 28 days, these premium beef boneless ribeye steaks, with their bold flavors, will melt in your mouth.


All Calvetti Meats’ Premium Beef Cuts are hand trimmed fresh and flash frozen. Carefully packed in insulated polystyrene containers.

We ship our steaks online via Fedex second day delivery with just enough dry ice to ensure it is received in perfect condition.


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